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Male Incontinence: The Problem and the Cure

If you are reading this then you’ve probably investigated male urinary incontinence to some degree and have been told “it is not a disease but a symptom of something else”.

More than likely you already know there are several types of urinary incontinence that are caused by, or associated with:

  • muscles or nerves
  • blockages
  • neurological diseases
  • prostate enlargements
  • tumors
  • side effect of surgery
  • physical disabilities
  • drug side effects
  • bladder infections and stones

All the different incontinence types have different names with different descriptions. The list of causes and symptoms is extensive. Then when you learn that you are just one of 200 million people world wide affected with incontinence, that does not make you feel any less angry, depressed, lonely, embarrassed, or stressed.

If you are the man with incontinence all these facts and figures are mind boggling. You just want to control your incontinence and you want to control it now. But how? Who is going to help you?

The options, cures and aids to assist you with your incontinence is another list that goes on extensively.

  • kegal exercises
  • dietary modifications
  • drugs and supplements
  • absorbent products
  • liners
  • undergarments
  • collection bags and systems
  • catheters
  • devices
  • surgeries

The choice of aid you select depends on the type and severity of your incontinence, your desired level of independence and just what exactly you wish to accomplish.

Given a choice, no man wants to wear pads or diapers or use collection bags or catheters. No one knows how long it takes to investigate the exercises, drugs, supplements or diet modifications to see if they work or will meet your personal requirements. Many of the above aids or remedies will work for some and will prove to be satisfactory. For others they will not accomplish the desired goal and will not provide the level of freedom required. Then there is always surgery. It is not guaranteed but it may prove to be the answer for a select group.

That leaves us with devices or MUI clamps. There is a wide variety of clamps on the market all designed with you in mind and all promising to control incontinence.

The incontinence clamp will work for most men. If you have other major medical issues besides incontinence, such as a neurological disorder, you may wish to consult your doctor first. We only recommend the clamp to men who are able to wear the clamp under their own volition, and have full feeling in the penis and bladder.

If you feel the clamp is the answer, we suggest you do your homework; then pick the perfect clamp with all the necessary requirements that should include:

  • small
  • washable
  • affordable
  • comfortable
  • size adjustable
  • safe & easy to use
  • easy to purchase (some require a doctor’s prescription)
  • no metal parts allowing hassle free travel though airport security
  • designed for 24 hour protection; can be worn all day and all night without impeding blood circulation
  • simple, proven safe construction materials (e.g. foam padding rather than latex)

Most important: The clamp must do the job it was designed to do:
Effectively Control Incontinence - So You Can Get On With Your Life.

Well, that pretty well narrows down the search, plus we just did your homework for you!

There is only one perfect clamp that meets all of the above requirements:


The Dribblestop® is approved through Health Canada, FDA in the USA and Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in Europe.

Henry Rennich, Dribblestop Inventor

"I wanted a penile clamp that was above all comfortable, effectively controlled bladder leakage and was easy to use."
Henry Rennich, Dribblestop Inventor

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